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Local & National Government

Local Government Association (LGA)

The Local Government Association (LGA) was formed by the merger of the Association of County Councils (ACC), the Association of District Councils (ADC), and the Association of Metropolitan Authorities (AMA) on 1st April 1997.

The LGA has all local authorities in England and Wales in its membership. These comprise 238 Shire District Councils, 36 Metropolitan District Councils, 34 County Councils, 47 English Unitary Authorities, 33 London Authorities and 22 Welsh Authorities. In addition, the LGA represents Police Authorities, Fire Authorities and Passenger Transport Authorities.

The LGA provides a national voice for local government in England and Wales, representing authorities which employ more than 2m people and spend over £5 billon on local services. Its main objective is to promote and support local government in England and Wales and it is the main body which the Government consults on proposals affecting authorities and their services.

The LGA is structured through a number of service executives and forums. Elected Member Representatives from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority are appointed to sit on the LGA Fire Commission, LGA General Assembly and LGA Urban Commission on an annual basis.

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Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG)

The Fire and Rescue Service comes under the responsibility of the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG). This is the government department which holds responsibility for local councils, housing, urban regeneration and the Fire and Rescue Service.

CLG works closely with Fire Authorities to prevent deaths, injuries and damage to property caused by fire. The Government sets requirements and policies for Fire Authorities through the National Framework. Fire Authorities are regularly assessed to determine their contribution to the National Framework and address key issues in their area with other local authorities and organisations, through arrangements such as Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs).

CLG also works with Fire Authorities to make sure that the UK is equipped to deal with major emergencies such as terrorist attacks, extreme weather conditions or natural disasters. They do this by providing support, specialist equipment and training to the Fire and Rescue Service. Along with other Government departments, CLG supports regional and local organisations to develop their emergency planning capabilities through multi-agency forums with fire, the police, ambulance service and others.

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